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Warranty service

If you purchased goods from us and it broke down during the warranty period, you are entitled to repair it free of charge. The process is straightforward, with no printing! Complaints are governed by the Complaints Procedure.

In the box below, you enter the e-mail you used in the order. In the mailbox, you will get a link to our guide, which will guide you through the claim process.

  1. Fill in the required fields, and you will receive an e-mail with the shipping address where the product should be sent together with the case number.
  2. Pack the defective product, fill in the case number, and send it. That is all! No archaic forms printing.
  3. You're always informed about the claim process via e-mail.

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Non-warranty service

Did you break your Xiaomi? Is it not working as intended? It does not matter if it was purchased from us or not, we offer after-warranty service for all.

Prices below are indicative, including VAT, and do not include postage (which is subject to our price list).

For our customers we offer 15% discount for LCD screen replacements! If you purchased your phone from us, you automatically get this discount.

Express service

Do you need to fix your phone as soon as possible? We also offer express repairs for an additional fee of CZK 250. However, it always depends on the workload. Please give us a call or send an e-mail at info@xiaomi-store.cz and let's make an appointment for express service.

If possible, always back up all data and log out of your Xiaomi account before repairing your phone.

If you are interested in any non-warranty repair, please fill your e-mail address in the field below. You will receive a link to the online form where you can describe more details. We will check your request and let you know, whether the spare parts are currently in stock or how long the repair will take. You'll also get the address to our service center, where you'd send your device.

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Price list

Replace Display Price           Other Repairs Price Vacuum Cleaners Price
Redmi 4 1090,-           USB 590,- Battery   1990,-
Redmi 4x 1090,-           Headphone Jack 590,- LDiS   2990,-
Redmi 5/Plus 1490/1590,-           Battery 590 - 790,- Engine   2290,-
Redmi 6/6A 1590/1490,-           Speaker 590,- Cleaning   990,-
Redmi 7/7A 1890/1790,-           Software 690,- Oxidation   1200,-
Redmi 8/8A 1990/1890,-           Oxidation Cleaning 1200,-      
Note 4 Global 1090,-           Unblock Accaunt 2390,-      
Note 5 1890,-           Replacing Camera Glass 490,-      
Note 6 1890,-                    
Note 7 1990,-                    
Note 8T 2490,-                    
Note 8PRO 2690,-                    
Mi A1  1090,-                    
Mi A2 1990,-                    
Mi A2 Lite 1890,-                    
Mi A3  3890,-                    
Pocophone F1 2090,-                    
Mi 8 Lite 1990,-                    
Mi 8 3990,-                    
Mi 9 5890,-                    
Mi 9 SE 5790,-                    
Mi 9 Lite 5990,-                    
Mi 9T 5990,-                    
Mi Mix 2 3990,-                    
Mi Mix 2s 3990,-                    
Mi Mix 3 5990,-