Xiaomi Mi Band 5

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Xiaomi Mi Band 5 - New generation of the most popular smart bracelet. Magnified AMOLED display, 126x294 px resolution, great readability in the sun, long battery life, 11 sports activities, performance and fitness measurement, Bluetooth 5.0, water resistance, magnetic charger, remote camera shutter and much more ...


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Year after year has come together and probably the most popular smart bracelet of today comes again in a new coat. Already the fifth generation of the Xiaomi Mi Band brings a lot of innovations both functionally and technically. The certainty remains that whether you are looking for a fitness tracker, notification center, or just a minimalist watch for everyday wear, Mi Band 5 offers a quality solution to your situation.

The most important features and improvements over the previous version

  • The display has been enlarged to 1.1 inches to hold more information
  • The resolution was also increased to 126 × 294 px - no checkered image
  • To make matters worse, new dials have been added, so you can choose from up to 100 variants
  • Newly supports the bracelet watching 11 sports activities
  • Added remote camera shutter option
  • The new magnetic charger makes charging easier
  • To all this, of course, there are classic functions such as heart rate measurement, alarm clock, notification from the phone, skipping songs on the phone, long session notifications, water resistance and long battery life.

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Larger display and great readability in the sun

The bracelet display is one of the most distinctive (and most visible) innovations. Its size has grown to 1.1 inches. Together with the higher resolution (126 x 294 px), we have again moved towards better clarity of the displayed information. An AMOLED panel was used, which with a luminosity of 450 nits ensures better readability of the display outside in sunlight. There is also a proven combination of 2.5D tempered glass and an anti-fingerprint layer.

New magnetic charger

If you've been (or still are) the owner of previous versions, you'll remember the repetitive annoying removal of the tape each time you charge. This sooner or later manifested itself in wear and tear, which caused the base to fall out of the tape and you had no choice but to buy a new tape. It's over now! Xiaomi has introduced a new magnetic charger, which you just need to attach to the connectors on the bottom of the bracelet, without peeling the base from the strap.

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11 sports activities

The good news for all sports enthusiasts is the expanded variety of supported activities. There are now a total of 11 available. These are:

  • running on a treadmill,
  • exercise,
  • outdoor running,
  • cycling,
  • walk,
  • swimming in a swimming pool,
  • riding an exercise bike,
  • exercise on an elliptical trainer,
  • rope skipping,
  • rowing machine exercises,
  • yoga.

In addition to standard data such as heart rate or number of steps, the Mi Band 5 provides more advanced indicators for some activities, such as pulling time or paddling frequency on a rowing machine.

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More new smart features

Also new is the detection of abnormalities in the heart rhythm (and possible notification by vibration) or the calculation of the PAI score. It is a comprehensive indicator of fitness, including age, gender, resting heart rate and heart rate data from the last week. Another interesting feature that can be used in practice as an indicator of stress. The bracelet will tell you during the activity whether it is not a suitable time to rest. Last but not least, the recording of the REM sleep phase has increased.

Package contents

  • 1× Xiaomi Mi Band 5
  • 1× strap
  • 1× charging cabel




Data sheet

AMOLED 1.1", 126x294px, luminosity 450 rivets, 2.5D tempered glass
Bluetooth 5.0
Other features:
water resistance (5 ATM), remote camera shutter, heart rate measurement, sleep measurement, barometer, accelerometer, gyroscope, PAI
Operating system:
Support for Android (5+) and iOS (10+) devices
18.15 x 46.95 x 12.45 mm
125 mAh, endurance 14 days +